Throughout this season, we really traveled through the lowest valleys and highest mountaintops of ecosystem building.

My guests shared some of their hardest experiences of facing and trying to navigate conflict.  We heard some pretty hairy tales about naysayers and saboteurs and how even seasoned ecosystem builders struggle to keep their call and move their communities forward regardless.

But then we also talked about the magic that is social capital and all the things we can get done almost effortlessly when people within the ecosystem trust each other and are willing to pursue opportunities that are best for entrepreneurs in their ecosystem.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • The power of introductions and what social capital looks like in action
  • Why conflict is inevitable in ecosystem building, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing
  • Five key aspects of managing conflict in ecosystems
  • How to mitigate  conflict before it arises
  • Six ways to build trust and credibility within your ecosystem

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