In today’s episode, I get to introduce you to a storytelling powerhouse trio.

At every stage of the process, from vision to execution to the final product, I have rarely seen such a well-produced, coherent, and meaningful storytelling campaign as Yearbook Indiana.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation–IEDC–collaborated with Indiana-based magazine Pattern, to produce a yearbook highlighting the stories of entrepreneurs throughout the state and to highlight the positive impacts of young companies on the state’s economy.

To steer this ambitious undertaking, IEDC and Pattern brought together the three women you’ll hear from today: Polina Osherov, co-founder and executive director of Pattern, Morgan Allen, entrepreneurial ecosystem manager at IEDC, and Julie Heath, who has since moved on from IEDC.

Because there is just so much to absorb in this rich conversation, we’re splitting it into two parts. 

In part one, you’ll hear about how this kind of storytelling became a priority, how the project got underway between IEDC and Pattern, and what makes a physical storytelling product like a yearbook so special and powerful.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Five key milestones to putting the project together
  • How they crafted the narrative arc for the yearbook
  • How they’re fine-tuning the process for the 2023 yearbook

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