logbook July 2020

July in review

As so often, getting ready for a vacation feels a bit like frontloading some of the work that you would otherwise do in that month. In that sense, July has somehow flown by! 

I am still in the midst of unpacking our most recent series on Allyship for changemakers and ecosystem builders – there is so much to learn and understand, to discuss and wrap our heads around! As protests continue here in the US, I invite you to take your time to read and learn, download our resource guide (linked at the bottom of every part of the series) and see what we have to say on social media! Expect to see more on this throughout the coming months, our conversation on how to become allies for life has just begun and isn’t going anywhere!

I have finally started catching up on some interviews from the early days of COVID-19. Six down, five to go. I can’t wait to introduce you to these incredible people! We’ll be hearing about creating entrepreneurial ecosystems for underrepresented founders in America’s most diverse city (and it’s not New York!), we’ll talk about the role of foundations in nurturing thriving ecosystems for social change and I am beyond excited to introduce you to our first Social Venturer from Romania! Hold tight while we polish our bells and whistles!

If you read the June logbook, you know that the upcoming topic in our LEARN section is Community Leadership. And if Allyship was a big topic, this third foundational block is HUGE. I am several books in to drill deeper into leadership traits for effective ecosystem builders and I’m nowhere near done. Let’s hope I can make sense of it all by the time we’re back in September!

What’s next

You may know that I’m taking August off to recharge my batteries because we have A LOT planned for the last quarter of the year! 

Masters of Impact

If you haven’t heard yet, now you have: I am launching a 3-month mastermind program for experienced social entrepreneurs, social enterprise supporters and ecosystem builders for social change! I am itching to dive deeper with Social Venturers around the world. So I am recruiting a small group of dedicated changemakers who want to get sh*t done before the year is over. If this is you, or you know someone who would enjoy working with purpose-driven individuals over the course of three months to move their career, organization and/or ecosystem forward, find all the details here!

The Fireside Series

Another format that I am super excited about is a series of 7 expert roundtables to dive deeper into each of the Seven Design Principles for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Here’s our schedule:

If you are curious to join us and/or have insights to contribute, please get in touch! I would love to source as many stories from the field as possible!

How you can help

We would love to find the right social impact enthusiasts to build a closely knit community through Masters of Impact. Join us! Early Bird Pricing expires July 31, 2020!

If you have insights, experiences, stories about how you implement any of these 7 Design Principles for Ecosystem Building, we would love for you to join us for one (or several!) of our Fireside Chats

Please take time off. This year has asked a lot from each of us, and it’s not over yet. Please make sure you unplug, recharge your batteries and get a critical distance to your work to assess what’s working and what isn’t. 

We’ll see you in September!

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