As I was wrapping up the first year of the show, I found myself wondering what had come of all those great plans and even greater unknowns that many of my guests had shared with me when they were on the show. And selfishly I wanted to catch up with some of my previous guests to hear what they are working on these days.

So I invited a handful of them to come back and let us know how their world has evolved since we last heard from them.

You will hear stories about leaving corporate, entering corporate, hosting large events, and leading teams. We talked about The Lord of the Rings and weeding out hegemonic systems. We also talked about grief and fear and becoming parents.

And throughout all of it, there runs a beautiful thread of building and nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems and communities throughout the Americas.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Charlton Cunningham is bringing intentionality in his relationships to his new, more settled role in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Why Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter says it was important for her to model planning for transitions and stepping down as CEO of Impaqto
  • How Shelly Rose moved past her fears, left her corporate job, started grad school, and went all-in on her business
  • Why Denisse Rodríguez and Colmena66 brought in a DEI expert to kickstart a conversation about diversity and inclusion in Puerto Rico and how that impacted their reporting and events in 2022
  • How Sassy Sassoon’s journey to parenthood has expanded her understanding of systemic barriers and injustice and how that parallelled her experiences at Zebras Unite in 2022

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